The Restaurant


In 1976 becoming the owner of a successful restaurant business was just a vision in the eyes of Francisco J. Jara. Throughout the years, he worked hard in several local restaurant establishments where he learned the tricks of the trade. Francisco knew that the only way to accomplish his goals was going to be through hard work, determination, and the most important component, family. Mr. Jara could only hope of one day opening up his own Mexican Restaurant offering live Mariachi Music.

Several years later, in May 1988, Francisco J. Jara opened up his first restaurant, “Pancho Villa’s.” Located on Cherry Avenue in the City of Fontana, it is still in operation to this date. The first few years were difficult but with the support of his wife and children, and plenty of hard work, Pancho Villa’s legacy was born. In 1991, the Juniper Avenue location in the City of Fontana opened up its doors to the public. This was the first Mexican Restaurant to offer live entertainment in the Inland Empire. Pancho Villa’s became the home of the “World’s Greatest Mariachi Internacional de Mexico de Francisco J. Jara.” The overwhelming demand for the well known Mariachi group continues even after all these years.


(909) 356-0906


10210 Juniper Ave, Fontana, CA 92335